Talk to someone who can relate, or lend an ear to a peer in need.


Choose categories that fit your life and needs in this moment, and speak or listen to someone who is going through a similar experience.


Have a dedicated space to speak and listen. Your Huddle will be anonymous, one-on-one, and on your schedule. Speakers can keep Listeners muted to have an uninterrupted outlet, or un-mute to allow for input.

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Toucan was created to help us feel more connected, understood, and heard. The benefits of speaking to another person are well documented, but existing social and professional support options are leaving many people unfulfilled. In a world where we are all constantly buried in our social media and text messages, we want to revitalize the audio call and give you a meaningful way to open up to someone facing a similar life stage or event. We want to give you a chance to reciprocate and lend an ear to someone in need of an outlet.

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It all sounds great, but what does the Toucan app actually do?

Toucan is an online platform for the purpose of anonymous peer support interactions. Toucan connects you, one-on-one, with another user for a private conversation called a Huddle. When you schedule your Huddle you will choose whether you want to speak or listen, and you will be paired with someone doing the other role. Your Huddle will be similar to an audio phone call - no video to maintain anonymity - and the direction of the conversation will be controlled by the Speaker (Listener lines are muted until unmuted by the Speaker). Our users are people just like you. Listeners are not professional peer Listeners, and Toucan is not professional therapy. It is a community of users looking to speak and listen to peers, and to provide an extension to traditional social support options.

How does matching work? Do I choose my match?

We will match you with another user based on availability, the need for one Speaker and one Listener in each Huddle, and the category or lens of the Huddle (i.e. matching a new parent with another new parent). You will not choose your match as users maintain their anonymity in the app.

Why are users anonymous?

It can be difficult to fully open up to friends and family - they know you, you may fear judgment from them, and you may not want to burden or concern them. Think about why people tend to speak to the person next to them on an airplane or in a waiting room. At Toucan we want our Speakers to feel safe and comfortable confiding in our Listeners. Anonymity helps provide this environment.

Why is the Listener’s line muted?

Friends and family want to help, and in that desire, they can interrupt, turn the conversation to them, or otherwise inhibit you from speaking your mind. Professional therapy, on the other hand, often allows people to speak freely and without fear of interruption. We wanted to harness that in Toucan. However, the goal of the platform is not for the Speaker to just speak at the Listener for the entire Huddle; Speakers are encouraged to unmute the line once they have shared if they want to ask for input, and a 2-way conversation can then ensue.

What can I expect from my Huddle?

Our goal is to make Toucan a safe space for everyone. We want to provide an outlet for Speakers and show Listeners how others are tackling similar life events.

For Listeners

You can expect to hear someone opening up.
Please be present for the Speaker and leave judgement at the door. If the Speaker wishes to have an uninterrupted space you may be muted for the Huddle - that doesn't mean your presence is any less important.

For Speakers

You can expect to have a safe and uninterrupted space to speak your mind.
Remember you are speaking to another person, and to be respectful in the material you discuss and the language you use.
Keep in mind that Listeners are not trained professionals and are not expected to give you counsel or advice, they are there to lend an ear.

What if I need to reschedule my Huddle?

Huddles are live audio calls that by nature need both people to be present, but things do come up. Here are some tips and guidelines: If you need to reschedule, try to give as much notice as possible, then use the options in the Scheduled Huddles section of the app to cancel and reschedule. If you are a Speaker and cancel at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled Huddle, you will not be charged for your Huddle; if you cancel within 24 hours (or simply don't show up) you will be charged. If you are a Speaker and your Listener cancels or does not show up within 5 minutes of your scheduled Huddle start time, you will not be charged.

What is needed before I book a Huddle? How do I purchase credits?

Each time you want to speak in a Huddle, you will be charged (credits never expire!) Listening is always free. Huddle credits can be purchased through the app, or you can earn credits for each Huddle where you act as a Listener for someone else. You can also redeem credits that have been purchased for you by an employer, organization, or friend.

What if I am uncomfortable with or concerned about my Huddle partner or things discussed?

We want you to be open, comfortable, and supported in your Huddles. Listeners have no responsibility or expectation to give counsel or advice, and will not be asked or expected to remain on a Huddle if they are uncomfortable with the material.

For Listeners

Please respect that the Speaker is being vulnerable and open. If you are not comfortable with the material, you can end the Huddle early.
If you want to provide further feedback you can do so on your post-Huddle form or by contacting Toucan directly.

For Speakers

Please remember there is someone else on the call and be mindful of the topics you discuss and language you use.

If a Listener ends your Huddle early, please fill out your post-Huddle form and we will respond as we deem appropriate, including, when reasonable, issuing a credit to your account.

For All Users

If you are considering suicide or taking any action that might cause harm to you or to others, please call the suicide hotline number 1.800.273.8255 and/or utilize immediate help resources here.

Is Toucan private?

Huddles are private, audio conversations between 2 users on the platform. Toucan will never record, broadcast, or otherwise store your Huddles. In addition, no user information or contact information is shared with other users by Toucan, other than information that you make public as part of your user profile.

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